•October 19, 2009 • Leave a Comment

In the beginning, I thought twitter would be a complete waste of my precious time.  I knew that i had absolutely no need for it and that following celebrities was absurd.  As time went by and I started follow others and tweet, which means to udapte my twitter so others can know what I’m doing at the moment, I realized twitter can be very helpful. By following some of my favorite basketball players I was kept up to date with alot of recent news concerning the NBA. I was also kept updated with Georgia Southern’s football scores as well as highlight from across the nation. Also with the professional basketball players and the southern football team it kept me updated with my freinds wareabouts and it helped me when they’re was a party going on, a friend or two of mine would put it as they’re statuses on twitter such as a facebook status or even myspace. I found how twitter can be very useful to me and my “followers”. Instead of a text or call my freinds and associates can see what I am doing through my twitter page and know exactly what I am up to in my daily life. I’ve also used twitter to help me along the lines of my school work.  I would direct message my friends or teachers looking for help and they would send me links with helpful information or basically outline the assignment. So let it be known that twitter is way more than jus a facebook status. Continue reading ‘Twitter’